Under the Quad Infrastructure Fellowship (QIF), India will be providing 125 fellowships to countries in the Indo-Pacific each year, commencing July 2023. India stands committed to providing a total of 500 fellowships in all between now and 2027.

For the current training year, QIF courses are available at six institutes across India. The courses are a mix of short duration executive development programmes and long duration M.Tech/PG Diploma programmes focussing on important areas of infrastructure development, power infrastructure, solar energy and wind energy. These programmes provide a blend of class room and experiential teaching. Efforts have been made to ensure that each programme not only provides deep insights into India’s flagship development schemes and governance models in the domain of infrastructure, but also exposes the participants to the cultural vibrancy that is unique to India.

IIM, Indore will be conducting an executive development programme between 04 and 16 December 2023 on the theme of Global Trends in Building Infrastructure for Development. This programme is designed for senior officers of developing countries who handle infrastructure development and have 15-20 years of experience. The programme will provide participants exposure to three key pillars of global infrastructure development – finance, resilience and geo-politics. Apart from leading academicians and practitioners, content will also be delivered by policy makers and think tanks at class rooms both in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and in New Delhi.

IIM, Indore is an institute of national importance set up by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in 1996 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from its flagship two year fully residential Post Graduate Programme (accredited as an MBA by AMBA-London), IIM Indore offers numerous inter-disciplinary learning and research programmes. As one of India’s fastest growing business schools, IIM Indore provides excellent physical infrastructure, competent faculty and innovative curricula blending theory practice and policy/governance.

The Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) is one of India’s most eminent public sector institutions specialising in training, research and information dissemination in fields related to public administration. Apart from its central facility in New Delhi, the IIPA has a vast network of regional branches spread out at various state capitals, thereby giving it a uniquely vast network of experience and resources.

In January - February 2024, the IIPA will be conducting a three week course for mid level officials on the theme of Managing Infrastructure Development Risk: Lessons from Asia Pacific Region. The course is based on IIPA’s earlier successful iterations on this subject. During the course, participants will be provided with case studies and academic discussions on risk management in public infrastructure, along with a study tour to various public infrastructure sites in India.

In the field of power infrastructure, the NTPC School of Business (NSB) will be offering week long focused technical courses on Cross Border Energy Trading; Smart Grids; Infrastructure for EV deployment; and Microgrids/Renewables. These courses are being offered between September and November 2023.

The NSB is a unique partnership between NTPC – India’s largest power generator, and IIM-Ahmedabad to provide management education and carry out capacity building assignments in the decarbonization, digitalization, and decentralization of energy production, distribution, and sustainable development. The NSB has its own campus with state of the art academic and residential facilities at Noida near New Delhi.

The National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) and the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) would be conducting three week courses between September and December 2023 on wind/solar energy technology and applications respectively. These courses are targeted at middle level officials running renewable energy programmes for their governments and entrepreneurs in these areas. Both institutes are eminent public sector specialised institutes under the Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Apart from a long track record of providing high quality capacity building services, these institutes also offer consultancy service and policy advice to government entities. Both NIWE and NISE serve as national level technical focal point for standard setting, resource assessment, certification, developmental specification, and R&D in their respective sectors. The NIWE is located near Chennai in Tamil Nadu while the NISE is located next to Gurugram near New Delhi.

Apart from the above executive development programmes, the QIF India Package offers long term trainings at the Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee. This institute has been historically associated with the development of India’s hydrological infrastructure and is today one of the premier institutes in this field. With the support of Ministry of Jal Shakti (Water Resources) of Government of India various engineering discipline departments at IIT, Roorkee have set up facilities for Post Graduate and Ph.D level education in Dam safety and rehabilitation, Irrigation water Management, Water Resources Development, Drinking water and Sanitation, Hydrology, Renewable and Hydro Energy, Environmental management of rivers and lakes.

Admissions to M. Tech level courses at IIT, Roorkee through the QIF route are advertised in the month of May and academic sessions commenced by first week of July. Candidates seeking admission for these courses would be required to be cleared by the academic authorities of IIT, Roorkee, in addition to nomination from their respective governments.

QIF India Package at a glance

Institute Name of Course(s) Format/level Numbers Dates
IIM-Indore Global Trends in Building Infrastructure for Development Executive development programmes Multi-country/ Senior level Upto 30 per batch Being Rescheduled
IIPA, New Delhi Managing Infrastructure Development risk : Lessons from Asia Pacific Region. Multi-country/ Mid level Upto 35 per batch 29 Jan to 23 February 2024
NTPC School of Business 1. Cross Border Energy Trading 2. Smart Grids 3. Infrastructure for EV deployment 4. Microgrids and renewables Country specific or multi-country / Mid-level Upto 20 per batch in each course
  • 06 -10 Nov, 2023: Infrastructure for EV deployment
  • 20 - 24 Nov, 2023: Smart Grid
  • 11-15 Dec, 2023 : Cross Border Energy Trading (CBET)
  • 08-12 Jan, 2024: Microgrids and Renewables
National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) International Training Programme On Solar Energy Technologies And Applications Multi-country/ Mid level Upto 30 per batch 28 November -18 December 2023
National Institute of Wind energy (NIWE) Wind Energy Technology and its Applications Multi-country/ Mid level Upto 30 per batch 6 - 22 September 2023
University programme Institute/ Department No of seats
MTECH in Dam safety and rehabilitation IIT Roorkee - International Centre of Excellence for Dams Upto 5
  • MTECH in Irrigation water Management
  • MTECH in Water Resources Development
  • MTECH in Drinking water and Sanitation
  • MTECH in Hydrology
  • MTECH in Renewable and Hydro Energy
  • MTECH in environmenal management of rivers and lakes
  • PG Diploma in Hydrology (1 year only)
IIT Roorkee - respective engineering departments Upto 5 in each discipline(35 in total)