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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has its roots in the Roorkee College established in 1847 as the first engineering college in India, which was soon rechristened as Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854 after its mentor James Thomason. After about 100 years of distinguished services, the college was elevated to University of Roorkee on November 25, 1949 as the first Engineering University of the independent India. On September, 2001, the University was converted into an IIT by the Government of India. It has now 21 academic departments/centres offering 11 undergraduate courses in engineering and architecture, 5 dual degree programmes in engineering and about 50 postgraduate courses in engineering, architecture, sciences, computer applications and business administration besides research programmes at doctoral level. The IIT Roorkee has a highly qualified and motivated faculty of about 460 members who are engaged in research and consultancy in addition to teaching. The faculty members offer their expertise through consultancy services to private/public sector agencies as well as to Government agencies. The institute has 4472 undergraduate students, 2093 postgraduates and 1471 research scholars. There are a number of academic and research centres engaged in interdisciplinary research, and many collaborative programmes exist with institutions in India and abroad. Several central facilities exist such as Central Library having more than 4,00,000 volumes of books and periodicals, Information Superhighway Centre with internet connectivity, an Audio Visual Research Centre with full-fledged television studio, a modern Computer Centre and Institute Instrumentation Centre with highly sophisticated analytical instruments. The IIT Roorkee is fully residential, having well-designed hostels (Bhawans) both for boys and girls, and family accommodation for married students, sprawling sports ground, a modern swimming pool, boat club and a host of students clubs with facilities for different games including tennis, squash and billiards. Societies and Associations along with activities like NCC, rangering and roving, mountaineering and trekking all of which provide excellent opportunities for self-development. The campus also has a modern school for children education.

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