ITEC Experts Deputations Abroad

Apart from other ITEC modalities, India also provides capacity building assistance in the form of sending Indian experts on deputation to the partner countries in areas requested by them. These ITEC experts are embedded in host government for varying periods ranging from 6 months to more than a year, and allow us to build a long-lasting sustainable engagement with that country. Deputation of ITEC Experts to partner countries has served a very important role in connecting the civil and defence personnel of partner countries with their Indian counterparts.

In all, MEA has sent about 157 civilian experts to 18 countries under ITEC since 2014. On an annual basis, there have been 53 experts in 2019-20, 44 in 2020-21, 41 in 2021-22 and 42 in 2022-23 working abroad in the field(s) of defence, archaeology, forensic sciences, agriculture, medicine, legislation drafting, ayurveda, disaster response and Oil Spill Preparedness. Deputation formalities are underway to send another 6 civilian experts to few contries namely Guyana, Fiji, and Belize.

On the defence side, a total no. of 36 experts are deployed to 12 countries under ITEC Programme, with deputation of additional 6 defence experts are under process for deputation to Seychelles.