ITEC - Onsite: Short Term capacity building program abroad

Under ITEC Onsite, customized capacity building programmes are provided to our partner countries by shifting training to the country itself by deputing our trainers for a short duration. Several focus areas that have been identified to provide trainings include Fertilizer technology; Wildlife; Fisheries Technology; Agriculture and allied sectors; Teachers' Training and Research; Open Education Resources; Securities Markets; Wind Energy; Rural Electrification.

The first ITEC-Onsite assignment was executed in 2018-19 when a team of experts was sent to Sierra Leone for Cyber Crime training. In 2022, two ITEC-Onsite assignments were carried out--

(i) National Tiger Conservation Authority experts sent in March 2022 to Cambodia for possible tiger-reinduction; and

(ii) Experts from Ministry of Mines were sent to El Salvador in October 2022 to assist in reclamation assessment of abandoned mines.

Interested government officials can apply here for these trainings.